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I'm getting POs from a customer using OrderEZ...what do I need to know?
I'm getting POs from a customer using OrderEZ...what do I need to know?
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Your customer has made the brilliant (yes we're biased) decision to invest in a tool to provide structure, increased visibility, and better communication into their purchasing.

Here's how it's going to impact you.

TL;DR - you're going to get emails that clearly lay out what your customer wants to buy and the price.

  1. Click "Go To Order" in the email, it will open your web browser and show the order

  2. Click "Accept", if you're not okay, click "Decline". If you can deliver some of the goods and not others delete the ones you can't delivery and click "Partially Accept".

  3. Add a "Note" if you have more to say.

As a supplier you're probably already receiving POs (purchase orders) from your bigger customers (restaurant chains, hotel groups, etc).

Here's what the OrderEZ PO looks like in your inbox, "Supplied by Spirits" is the supplier receiving the order and "The Keymaster Inn" is the customer sending the order.

Go to Order

This will take you to the details of the order placed by your customer. It doesn't require any sign-in, special browsers, apps, etc., just click and the order will open in your default browser and look like...

Link not opening in your web browser for some reason? Trying copying the URL (web address) and pasting it into a different browser. The system works on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and MS Edge.

A couple of things to note about the PO:

1. Action the order

You need to action the order (Accept, Schedule for Delivery, Decline, or Partially Accept) before you can download it (PDF or Excel).

When you click on the "Schedule for delivery" button, you are essentially accepting the entire order and scheduling the order for delivery. To decline the whole order, you can simply click on "Manage Order" then "Decline Order".

You can also decline individual items in an order (Partially Accept), but still accept the rest of the order. To partially accept the order, click on the item you want to decline and see that there is a strikethrough on it, then proceed to click on the "Schedule for delivery" button. In the above PO, if you don't have any Brie Cheese in stock, you can remove it from the order and "Partially Accept" the order. This lets your customer know that the Brie Cheese will not be coming.

Lastly, you can add a Note to any order and your customer will receive a notification.

After you Accept, Schedule for Delivery, Partially Accept, or Decline and order you will be taken to...

Request an Invite - We've sunsetted our Freemium Supplier accounts, however if you're looking for integrated inventory, order, and sales functionality to run your business, schedule a time with our founder and he'll take you through a demo.

Export Order - Let's say you need to pass something to the warehouse team to pick and pack or the accounts team to generate an invoice, this is perfect. They can see the client, products, and prices agreed to.

Pro-tip: The "Export" button is currently available on this page only, so do remember to export the PDF version of the Purchase Order before you click on the "Go to Order Details" button! We're working on having the "Export" button readily available even after you leave the page.

A sample of the Purchase Order

Go to Order Details - This will take you back to the Order and show you the products Included, Excluded, any Notes, and the order History (who did what and when).

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