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Start things off by introducing yourself to OrderEZ. Who's running things, where you are, etc.

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Start by going into the Supplier Settings. You can click on your company on the top right-hand corner, then click on "Supplier Settings".

What should I do when here?

Let’s start by getting all the basics about you in the system, things like our location, key point of contact, address, and logo.

Pro-tip: The primary contact selected here will appear when Customers click on "Supplier Info" of an order, so they know exactly who to contact.

Next we’ll turn to some of the operation notes, like what’s your minimum order amount (the minimum amount you’ll deliver without a delivery fee), delivery fee (this will automatically be added to an order if the minimum order amount is not reached) and cut off time (you know the time you tell all your customers, which they ignore and then call you and beg “Pretty please, I absolutely need that whiskey tonight!”).

Next is default dormant account notification (this sweet little tart of a reminder will ping you when your buying accounts haven’t ordered in a specified number of days, but don’t fret we know not all accounts are the same and you can override this default account by account).

Lastly, let the system know what time zone you’re in and set the order request notifications section (who is getting notified and how when orders are placed?). Do remember to include the country code for the phone number!

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