Product & Customer Reporting

Reports are incredibly useful to running your business, knowing who’s buying what and when.

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This is an area where you’re going to see a lot of growth and updates over the coming months. Here’s what’s live today…

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Shows you which buying accounts are spending the most. Hover over each account to find out the exact amount they are spending. Want to drill into a single product by Customer, you can do that too. Perhaps you learn that 75% of your accounts are only buying one product, but maybe they just don’t know what else you have to offer. It’s much easier to sell more to the people you have than it is to find new people to sell to.

You can also see the total sales revenue of the period selected at the top right corner of the Sales Dashboard. Total sales revenue is calculated based on completed orders in OrderEZ.

You can also drill down further to understand key insights like average order amount and most ordered products by the Customer.


Shows you which of your products are selling the best. Zero into a single Customer to see what they’re buying or organize by dollars and units. Hover over each product to see the exact dollars or units sold. This makes reporting back to brand owners a breeze.

Click on the product to further drill down on the average price per unit and Customers that ordered the product.

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