The first step to tracking your inventory in OrderEZ is to enable the feature. Find out how to do so here!

tl;dr - Manage stock levels and inventory in OrderEZ

(1) Update stock level manually - Ideal when you want to add, remove or transfer stock for a few products. Simply search for the product in OrderEZ and carry out the necessary adjustments.

(2) Updating stock level via bulk upload - Ideal when you do your regular stocktake and need to do a mass update of your stock levels. Export your inventory into a CSV file, update the file, then upload the same file to OrderEZ

(3) Availability of products for Outlets - Running low on stock for some products and don't want to display them to your customers? You can toggle the availability of products to hide them from your customers's product feed.

OrderEZ provides you with 2 methods to quickly and effectively update your stock levels so you know when you need to order more products.

1. Updating stock level manually

Adding stock

You've just received a new batch of products and you definitely want to update the stock levels. To do so, go to the Products page and click on the product that you want to update.

Click on the Inventory tab at the top of the page, then click on "Manage Stock" and "Add Stock" on the right of the page.

Select the warehouse that you are adding stock to and indicate the quantity you would like to add (eg if the original quantity is 20, and you enter 20 here, the final quantity at the warehouse will be 40). Then, click on "Add Stock".

Removing stock

To remove stock (perhaps due to damaged products), simply navigate to the product, click on "Manage Stock", then "Remove Stock".

Select the warehouse that you are removing stock from, enter the quantity and click on "Remove Stock".

You do not need to remove stock after delivering the products to your customers; OrderEZ automatically deducts the quantity of the product from the Primary Warehouse after the order is accepted.

Transferring stock

To transfer stock, navigate to the product and click on "Transfer Stock".

Select the warehouse that you are transferring stock to, enter the quantity and click on "Transfer Stock".

2. Updating stock level via bulk upload

If you need to update the stock levels for 200 products, doing it the manual way might not be the most ideal method. Thankfully, you can update product stock level via bulk upload. Learn how to do it here.

Pro-tip: Updating stock level via bulk upload will overwrite the original stock levels of the product. It will also toggle inventory tracking "On" for your products. Ideal when you are working on your opening stock levels.

Availability of products for Outlets

If some products are running low in stock and you do not want the product to be visible to your Outlets, you can set the product to be unavailable to Outlets. Navigate to the product and click on the Availability tab. Toggle the "Select" button to set the availability of the product for the Outlet. When toggled off, the product will not be visible in the product list of the Outlet.

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