Schedule a Delivery

So that your Customers won't have to call you every 5 minutes asking, "When will I get my stuff?"

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Now that you have accepted an order - great news is that your Customers happily know that you will be fulfilling the order. But the next question is: When?

Schedule an order for delivery to let your Customers know when they need to keep the side door open to receive the order.

On the Orders page, open the order that you want to schedule a delivery for. You can either accept the order first, or skip ahead to schedule the order for delivery (you are essentially accepting the entire order and scheduling it for delivery in a single step).

Select the delivery date. You can also enter a note to the Customer.

The order will be marked as "Scheduled for Delivery. You can also use the filters to filter orders to be delivered today.

On OrderEZ mobile app

  1. Click on an order to open

  2. Click on "Schedule for Delivery"

  3. Schedule the deliver for tomorrow, or enter a custom date, then click "Confirm".

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