It might seem like a hassle to be managing your product catalogue on multiple platforms; you add a new product here, you need to remember to add the same product elsewhere. That's why we made sure to have a product sync feature so that managing your product list across OrderEZ and Xero is a few clicks away. Read on to find out how!

You can sync your products as and when you have new products in Xero, or made changes to existing products. To do so, navigate to your Supplier setting page, then click on the Integrations tab and Xero.

Click on the Products tab and you can see all the products synced from Xero. Click on the "Sync Products" button on the right.

There will be a pop-up window showing you the matching products from Xero and OrderEZ. To sync the product, check the checkbox on the left of the product, then click on "Sync Products".

Products are matched according to SKU number on OrderEZ and item code on Xero. In the case where there is a difference in price or name between Xero and OrderEZ, data from Xero (in blue) will override data on OrderEZ.

New products from Xero will be set up in OrderEZ.

Products brought in from Xero will have the name, SKU number, and price set up. You can further update information like category, stock level, and tier pricing in OrderEZ via your laptop or using the CSV upload feature.

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