Before the orders from OrderEZ can flow into Xero as draft invoices, it is important to ensure that the correct Outlets are matched to the correct Contacts in Xero. One of the worst nightmares of any business is sending the wrong invoice to the wrong customers and we definitely don't want that.

There are two ways to match Outlets from OrderEZ to a corresponding Contact in Xero.

Set up on both OrderEZ and Xero, then match them

Just like what we did during the initial setup of the Xero integration under "Outlet Sync", if we have completed the Outlet set up in OrderEZ and the contact set up in Xero, we can match them manually.

To do so, navigate to your supplier setting page, then click on the Integrations tab and Xero.

Click on the Outlets tab. On the left, you will see the names of Outlets in OrderEZ. On the right, you will see the connected Xero contact.

To manually match the Outlets, click on the dropdown at the right and select the Xero contact. Once ready, scroll down and click on "Save Changes".

Set up Outlet on OrderEZ first

Alternatively, you can also set up the Outlet on OrderEZ first. After your customers place an order with you via OrderEZ, the accepted order will flow into Xero as a draft invoice and the matching contact will be created in Xero. From there, you can edit the contact to update other information such as email and phone number.

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