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The power of OrderEZ and Xero integration
The power of OrderEZ and Xero integration

OrderEZ is great, but it is even better with the Xero integration! Learn the benefits of using OrderEZ with Xero integration.

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So how exactly is OrderEZ beneficial for you and your accountants? Here are the three top reasons why you and your accountants will LOVE OrderEZ.

1. Time Saver

Although the setting up of Suppliers and products can be an additional administrative task for your accountants, the benefits outweigh the time spent on this initial setup. As a Supplier, your accountant will spend a significant amount of time every day doing data entry to create tax invoices for customers. Correspondingly as an Outlet, your accountant also regularly has to work through the stacks of invoices to record how much to pay and to which Suppliers. More often than not, since you are probably ordering the same products from a set of Suppliers on a regular basis (or conversely, be supplying to your loyal group of customers), your accountants will be punching in the same set of data every week. By setting up your Outlets or Suppliers and products in OrderEZ, your accountant will no longer have to do data entry each day, they just have to update new Outlets or Suppliers and new products whenever required!

2. Minimise error

Following up with the previous point, a reduction in the need to do data entry will also lead to a decrease in human error. Once the Outlets or Suppliers and products are set up in OrderEZ, the team only has to select the Outlets or Suppliers and products from the existing list when making an order. Did we also mention that OrderEZ can easily be integrated into Xero? This means as Suppliers, your order requests will be pushed into Xero as draft tax invoices and for Outlets, your orders will be pushed into Xero as draft bills to pay. This converts to a lower occurrence of errors in your accounts as well!

3. Timely updates

All in all, OrderEZ and the Xero integration helps to simplify the process of recording Supplier invoices and tax invoices. Wave goodbye to repetitive data entry, as your accountants only have to verify and check the info in Xero, hit the "Approve" button and voila! Vendor bills and tax invoices posted. Your accountants will spend less time working on data entry and thus be able to update your accounts more frequently, which also means that you will be able to get more timely updates on how your business is doing!

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