Premium Outlets, identified by the yellow badge next to their name, are Outlets currently using OrderEZ to order from their Suppliers.

Connect to your customers to let them know that they can place orders with you via OrderEZ. Read on to learn how to send them a connection request.

Head to the Outlets page and click on "Add New Outlet".

Search and select the Outlet.

Similar to the Suppliers, Premium Outlets are identified by the yellow badge next to their names.

You can choose to send an onboarding link to the Outlet (this is useful if you have a T&C document that you want your Outlets to have a look at).

What will the Outlet see?

The Outlet will receive an email notification that they have a pending connection request. When they log in to OrderEZ, they will also see a badge at the "Suppliers" tab. The Outlet will only be able to see your products and place orders with you after they have accepted the connection request and agreed to the T&C document.

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