Self Service Orders

When does the order request from OrderEZ get synced into Xero as a draft invoice?

After the Outlets have placed an order with you, the order request from OrderEZ is not immediately synced into Xero (which makes sense, because you get to decide if you are able to Accept/Partially accept or Decline the order). The draft invoice will only appear in your Xero account after you have Accepted/Partially accepted the order on OrderEZ.

I have accepted an order request from my customer, but I do not see it in Xero as a draft invoice

If there is an error, you can open the order request on OrderEZ to manually trigger the creation of the invoice.

I clicked on "Create an Invoice" but received an error message that something went wrong.

Try checking your integration settings and ensure that your Outlets have been matched to the correct Xero contact.

After I have accepted the order on OrderEZ, my customer abandoned the order. What happens to the draft invoice in Xero?

Accepting the order on OrderEZ will trigger the draft invoice to be created in Xero, but abandoning the order will not delete the order. Since you have accepted the order, this information would have been pushed into Xero. If the order is later abandoned, you'll need to delete the corresponding draft invoice in Xero.

I partially accepted an order, will the products that I removed be synced to the draft invoice?

Only accepted products will be included in the draft invoice in Xero. Products that you removed will not be included when you partially accept the order.

Orders Entered on Behalf of Outlets

What happens to the orders that I enter on behalf of my Outlets?

When you enter orders on behalf of your Outlets, the status of the orders skips the "Pending" state and moves straight to "Accepted". Since your team can see the inventory before they input the order, they should know if you can fulfil it. The corresponding draft invoice will also be created in Xero immediately.

Team Activities/Expenses

How do team activities/expenses get pushed into Xero?

Team activities/expenses will be pushed into Xero as draft Bills to Pay. They will be posted to the corresponding Chart of Accounts selected on the integration page.

You can choose to generate the bills individually (one expense = one bill) or combine them by account representative (one account representative = one bill will multiple lines corresponding to each expense) on a given day each month.

When do the Bills to Pay get generated in Xero?

If you choose to generate the bills to pay individually, the expenses will be synced into Xero real-time.

If you choose to generate a consolidated monthly bill, the bills will be synced into Xero on the stipulated day of the month. All the bills from the previous calendar month will be pushed into Xero.

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