🌟 What's New - 10 June 2021 🌟

This update is Supplier focused, so Outlets...sorry nothing interesting for you in this one. But we'll be turning our attention to some exciting new stuff for you soon.

For Supplier

- Supplier – Orders added on behalf of Outlets default to “Pending” status

Remember when we added Abandon to Orders to help with those order mishaps, well we're building on that with this addition. Now when you input an order it will start it's life in "Pending" and your customer won't get the order confirmation until you've "Accepted". Great for teams that want centralised order management, but the flexibility for the team to input orders on the fly.

- Due dates on To-Dos 📅

You can now set due dates on your To-Dos! Stay focus on tasks you need to do and plan ahead on upcoming tasks, your new To-Dos page will now show you tasks that are passed the due date (*cough cough*), due today (your focus of the day!), with a future due date (upcoming tasks) and with no due date (probably something requiring your attention so you don't lose track of things). Daily email and in-app notification will also feature overdue tasks and tasks due today.

- More ways to manage To-Dos ✅

The upgraded To-Do's feature allows you to add multiple activities and expenses to a single To-Dos, now you can assign more complex tasks to your team. With full visibility of all details tagged to the task, track the progress of bigger tasks more easily. We've also added a "Complete To-Do" button, giving you control in making the final decision on when the task should be mark completed.

- Activity tab on mobile app 📱

You can now access Account Activity, To-Dos, Team Activity and Expenses directly from the mobile app! The new Activity tab will allow you to send onboarding link to target accounts, manage your existing To-Dos and add new Team Activity and Expense. This is especially useful for the sales team, we know these busy bees are always on the move and needs to get things done fast.

General Updates

- OrderEZ Help Articles 🙌

The OrderEZ team has put together a series of articles to help you understand our world, and make getting started a breeze! Whether you run a distribution business or a cosy café, learn the A to Z on how to run your business on OrderEZ. Help articles can easily be accessed from your desktop or mobile app.

- Managing Supplier / Outlet contact 📞

Just a minor tweak here to help you better manage multiple contacts from your Supplier or Outlet. Do check out “Managing Supplier’s Contact” and “Managing Outlet’s Contact” for more details!

- Display of orders notes when exporting the order to PDF / CSV 📝

- Supplier – Bulk load new Outlets via CSV

New Outlets can now be added, in bulk, via CSV – simply download, populate and save the CSV template. Then upload the file to OrderEZ and voila, bulk loading done! Be sure to look out for our new article for a step-by-step guide!

- Supplier - New onboarding workflow for your buying accounts

Upon sending an onboarding link to your customers, they will be prompted to either sign in (if they have an existing OrderEZ account) or go through the process of setting up their login details and Outlet information before being directed to your products catalogue. New articles with more info coming up.

- Renaming “User Setting” to “My Setting” on desktop

- Renaming “Reports” to “Sales Dashboard" on desktop

- Moving “Supplier Setting”/ “Group Setting” below “My Setting” on desktop

- Moving “Supplier Info” to panel at the bottom on mobile app

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