Adding and Managing To-Dos

Transform an overwhelming task to bite-sizes to-dos

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A to-do list is a useful tool to help you stay focus and prioritise tasks that need to be completed. With this feature, you can create tasks for yourself, or, depending on user settings, assign them to your team members. You can also add team activities and expenses to each task. This way, you get full visibility on all the details tagged to each task and can better track progress.

tl;dr - Using the To-Dos feature to break down larger goals into smaller tasks

(1) Add new To-Dos (for yourself or assign to your team members). To-Dos are conveniently sorted by due date

(2) Add team activities and expenses tagged to the To-Dos to track your progress. You can also mark To-Dos as complete

(3) Receive email and in-app notification about To-Dos

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Adding new To-Dos

To find the To-Dos page, click on the Sales Dashboard tab. You can find it either in the To-Dos tab (if you have the permission to view and add To-Dos for other users) or the Team Activity tab (if you only have the permission to view and add To-Dos for yourself).

To-Dos are sorted by the due date, displaying tasks past the due date first (due date in red), then tasks due today (due date in blue), upcoming tasks (due date in grey) and lastly, tasks without a due date.

To add a new To-Do, click on the Add To-Do button.

Select a Customer (if applicable). If you are creating the To-Do on behalf of another user, you can also select the Account Representative here. Enter a due date and some notes regarding this task, then click on “Add To-Do”.

Pro Tip: Instead of just Customers, you can use "Marketing Team" or "Finance Team" to keep To-Dos that are not specifically related to one customer grouped together.

Managing To-Dos

To manage a To-Do, click on the task to open it, then click on “Manage To-Do”. You can add multiple activities and expenses to help you to track the progress of this To-Do. The activities and expenses added will also be reflected in the “Team Activity” and “Expense Tracking” page. If you accidentally created a duplicate To-Do, you can also delete it by clicking on the button on the top right-hand corner of the To-Do.

Once you have completed the To-Do, you can click on the “Complete To-Do” button. You can also add a note when you complete the To-Do.

Completed To-Do task can be found in Team Activity.


If you have To-Dos due today/overdue, you will receive an email notification and in-app notification to remind you of the tasks due.

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