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Exporting Orders as a Supplier
Exporting Orders as a Supplier

Need to print a PDF copy of DO or invoice? Or export your sales data to CSV? We got your back ;)

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You can export orders (single-orders or your order history over a period of time) to PDF or CSV.

tl;dr - You can export orders into different formats like:

(1) Delivery Order in PDF

(2) Tax Invoice in PDF

(3) Order History in CSV

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Exporting a single order

Upon acceptance of an order, you can export a Delivery Order or Tax Invoice.

To do so, open a single order and click on "Export", then select either "Delivery Order" or "Invoice".

Sample of Delivery Order

Delivery Order contains only the product name, SKU number and quantity. Ideal to share with your delivery partners.

Sample of Invoice

Tax Invoice contains more info as compared to the Delivery Order - including:

  • Customer Order Reference Number (eg PO Number) (where applicable)

  • GST/Tax ID Number

  • Company Registration Number

  • Product Name, SKU Number, Unit Price, Quantity and Total Amount

  • Bank Details

Exporting order history

You can also export your order history over a period of time (perhaps you want to analyse your sales data).

Use the filter to select the orders you want to export, then click on "Export Orders" and select "Order History" to download the CSV file.

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