Recording Orders for Samples
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You just won a deal to distribute a new brand of craft beer and you're really eager to share a taster of the product with your Outlets. Despite our wildest dreams, and more often than not, these Outlets are not going to just purchase 20 kegs of the new craft beer without actually tasting it or getting some samples to trial with their customers to test the response before formally adding it to their menu.

As you may already know, the founders of OrderEZ also built their own spirits distribution business and often gave out samples of new brands and products to their Outlets. Here's how OrderEZ makes that process of recording samples simpler and more efficient.

1. Place an order on behalf of the Outlet, changing the price of the product to $0.

Pro-tip: This will only change the price of the product for a single order and does not change the standard or special tier pricing set previously.

2. Include in the order notes that this order is for the samples given to the Outlet.

Pro-tip: This way, your accounting and warehouse team will have visibility of the samples given out and can update the final invoice.

Not only will you still be able to enjoy the benefit of automating the creation of invoices you will also get to update your inventory level in OrderEZ!

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