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My customer has completed the Account Opening Form but is not able to see any products.
My customer has completed the Account Opening Form but is not able to see any products.
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"My customer used the onboarding link to set up their Freemium OrderEZ account. Upon completing the form, they were able to log in but were not able to see any products! I am also not able to place an order on behalf of the Customer as I do not see the Customer name in the list of connected Customers."

Possible scenario: Your customer might not have completed the account opening form. Most commonly they didn't accept your Terms and Conditions at the final step.

After logging in to OrderEZ, go to the Sales Dashboard > Account Activity page to find the status of the Customer. If the Customer is still in the "Pending Account Opening" stage, it means that your customer has yet to complete the onboarding form.


(Supplier POV)

Click on the Customer name to open the Customer details, then click on "Resend Invite" to send the onboarding link to the Customer again.

(Freemium Customer POV)

1. Ensure that you are logged out of OrderEZ. From the onboarding email, click on the "Start Onboarding" button

2. You will be re-directed to the account onboarding form on your web browser. Instead of creating another account, click on the "Sign In" button to sign in.

3. After signing in, ensure that you have completed ALL the steps of the onboarding process: Setting up your Customer info, Contact info and accepting the Terms & Conditions before you click on "Complete and Connect".

(A) Customer Info

(B) Contacts Info

(C) Read and Accept Terms & Conditions before clicking on "Complete and Connect"

4. Upon completing the account onboarding form, you should be brought directly to your product feed, where you can see all the products and prices pre-configured by the Supplier and start placing your first order.

Pro-tip for Suppliers: Once your customer completes the account opening form, you will receive an email notification with an attached PDF document of the accepted Terms and Conditions. This indicates that the Customer has successfully completed the onboarding process and can now place orders with you using the self-service ordering feature.

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