It's great that your Outlets are able to use the self-service feature to place orders themselves - your sales team can now focus on sales instead of spending time on administrative tasks like taking orders. But sometimes, things can get a little awkward: your Outlets aren't processing payment to you as they should. How can you temporarily stop the Outlet from ordering until they have processed their payments?

On OrderEZ, you could manage the product availability and set all products to be "Hidden" for the Outlet. To do so, click on the "Outlets" tab and click on the Outlet name.

Click on the "Products" tab. On this page, you can toggle the visibility of all products to "Hide All".

What does it all mean?

By setting the visibility of all products to "Hidden", the Outlet will not be able to see any products when they log in and hence, cannot place orders with you. Also, your sales team or order processing team won't be able to put an order in for them either. They are effectively cut off until you re-instate them.

However, you will still be connected to the Outlet and all the tier pricing info will stay set up in OrderEZ. Whenever you are ready to receive orders from them again, you can set the products to be visible again and everything is right again.

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