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Provino Integration for Suppliers
Provino Integration for Suppliers

Find out what it is, how it works and what you need to set up the Provino integration

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What is Provino?

Provino Logistics is a 3PL provider focused on the wine, spirits, and beer industry. They have chilled and ambient storage, can pick and pack orders for you to pickup, or deliver them to your end customer.

OrderEZ is integrated with their warehouse management system allowing for seamless operations.

tl;dr - Provino integration for Suppliers

(1) The Provino integration aims to reduce data entry and increase accuracy by automating the process of scheduling orders in Provino

(2) To set up the integration, you need your Provino Account Key.

(3) How does it work? - When you schedule an order for delivery in OrderEZ, the corresponding outbound order is created in Provino.

(4) The default settings selected during the initial set-up can be overwritten on each order.

Goals of the integration

The integration aims to reduce data entry and increase data accuracy by eliminating the need to do data entry in Provino. It also aims to expedite and streamline the ordering process by removing the need to manually enter the outbound order in Provino separately after scheduling the order for delivery in OrderEZ.

Mapping of fields

  • When the first order from a new Customer is scheduled for delivery in OrderEZ, the corresponding consignee is created in Provino

  • The delivery instructions of the Customer for each order is pushed into Provino's outbound order.

Setting up

To set up the Provino integration, you need your Provino Account Key, which can be found in the Portal Setting > API tab.

On OrderEZ, go to Supplier Settings > Integration tab and click on Provino. Enter the Account Key and select your default settings for Delivery Type, Transport Mode and Attachment. Once ready, click on Save Changes.

Pro-tip: You can always overwrite the delivery type, transport mode and attachment on each individual order.

How does the integration work?

Scheduling an order for self-collection/delivery by Provino

Products in OrderEZ and Provino are matched according to the SKUs. No additional step to match the products is required as long as the SKUs of the products are exactly the same.

When you create a new order on OrderEZ, you can enter the customer order reference number (if applicable, eg: a PO number from your end customer). This reference number will be printed on the OrderEZ invoice or delivery order.

The newly created order has a status of "Pending". You can choose to skip the "Accept Order" step and move straight to "Schedule for Delivery" (essentially, it means you are accepting the order and scheduling it for delivery in a single step).

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

The OrderEZ mobile app does not support the Provino integration. Please use the desktop app, as orders scheduled for delivery on mobile do not sync with Provino.

When you schedule an order for delivery on OrderEZ, the corresponding outbound order record will also be created in Provino. The first available non-paid time slot and default delivery setting will apply, but you can overwrite the setting by clicking on "Advanced Options" (eg: changing delivery type, transport mode, or selecting a premium time slot).

Pro-tip: The available delivery time pulls info from Provino in real-time. The timeslot marked in orange is a paid timeslot and will require additional fees to be paid to Provino.

In addition to the Delivery Order and Invoice, you can also upload custom documents to be printed and delivered with the products.

Currently, the integration supports the attachment of pictures or PDFs as custom documents.

While the removal of inventory from Provino and Transfer from Duty Suspended to Duty Paid warehouse has not been built into the integration yet (coming soon), here's how you can manage it in the meantime!

Transfer from Duty Suspended (DS) to Duty Paid (DP)

To transfer inventory from DS to DP warehouse, you will raise the order in Provino's system, then carry out an inventory transfer in OrderEZ.

Removal from Provino

Let's say your re-exporting some product. You will raise the order in Provino, then remove the inventory from OrderEZ to ensure accurate inventory level of the product.

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