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Troubleshooting your Provino integration
Troubleshooting your Provino integration
What to do when the integration doesn't seem to be working the way you think it should
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1. Insufficient inventory/unavailable product in Provino

If a product does not have sufficient inventory or does not exist in Provino, an error message will appear in OrderEZ.


(A) Check that the product has sufficient inventory in the Provino Duty Paid warehouse

(B) Check that the SKU of the product is identical on both platforms.

2. Editing a scheduled order in OrderEZ

When you schedule an order for delivery in OrderEZ, the corresponding outbound order is also created in Provino. Any edits done on the order will not be reflected in Provino, hence you should also contact Provino regarding the edits.

3. I attached some custom documents when scheduling the order for delivery. If I also have the Xero integration set up, will the documents also flow to Xero?

No, it will not. Custom documents attached at that step will only be sent to Provino portal.

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