Does your Shopify store carry products such as bundles of wines, or different quantity variants of a beer? Our integration allows you to set up your product mapping so that your inventory levels adjust on a single product basis based on the different bundles and variants you offer.

Setting Up a Bundle Product

In our example, Manual:Naturals offers a wine bundle of three wines. For the one bundle product in OrderEZ, we are able to link the three individual OrderEZ products and track inventory on an individual product basis.

Let's go through the workflow for setting this up.

Under the Products tab in the Shopify Integration, locate the Shopify product corresponding to the bundle pack you want to create, and hit "Add Mapping" to select the corresponding OrderEZ products.

From here, you're able to add all of the OrderEZ products that are a part of the bundle/pack. Click + Add Additional Product to reveal a dropdown to add additional OrderEZ products.

Multi-Unit Bundles

If the bundle offered was two units of one wine, and one unit of a second, we would adjust the quantity field for that OrderEZ product. This lets our platform know to deduct two units of Wine A and one unit of Wine B from the stock for every bundle purchased in Shopify.

Make sure to hit Save Changes in the "Map Products" window followed by Save Changes at the top of the Products tab.

Things to Note with Bundle Inventory & Mapping

  • When updating inventory from OrderEZ, the Shopify bundle "stock" will be the minimum quantity across all of the OrderEZ products

    For example, if our bundle contains Wine A, Wine B, and Wine C, and we have 23 bottles of Wine A, 59 bottles of Wine B, and 199 bottles of Wine C in OrderEZ, the bundle inventory on Shopify will be 23).

  • Each product mapping has an additional value, quantity in bundle, so we know how much quantity of product to remove on OrderEZ for one bundle to ensure the inventory is properly tracked.

    For example: If the bundle contains 2 bottles of Wine A and 1 bottle of Wine B and we have 25 bottles of Wine A and 25 bottles of Wine B in OrderEZ, the bundle inventory on Shopify will be 12).

Setting Up a Variant Product

Our Shopify integration is able to support product pack size variants (ie. Single, Six-Pack, 24-Pack) while still tracking inventory on a single unit basis in OrderEZ.

Each mapping features a quantity value which is used to track how many OrderEZ products are sold for one Shopify product. In the case where a six-pack Shopify product is mapped to the OrderEZ product, the quantity input should be set to 6, as we want to deduct six units from the product's inventory.

After the product variants are set up in Shopify, locate them under the Products tab in the Shopify Integration, and hit "Add Mapping" to select the corresponding OrderEZ product and set the quantity value.

In the next window, we're going to select the corresponding OrderEZ product which will represent the single unit basis in these variants.

For a 4-pack variant, the quantity set in the "Map Products" module should be set to 4. For the 12-pack variant, the same concept applies, setting the quantity to 12.

Things to Note with Variant Inventory & Mapping

  • When inventory is updated, all Shopify products will get the maximum value that can be sold.

    If the OrderEZ inventory is 120, then the inventory for a single Shopify product is 120, for a 6-pack - 20, and for a 24-pack, 5.

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