Par Levels

Stay on top of when you need to replenish stock across all of your warehouses.

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We've received a substantial order for some wine, woohoo! But as we go to fulfill the order, we notice that our main fulfillment warehouse doesn't have enough stock. Now we have to take the extra steps to transfer the stock from our secondary warehouse to the fulfillment warehouse, a process that can delay fulfilling the order.

With par levels assigned to each product, unique for each warehouse, we eliminate the stress of keeping track of how much of what is where.

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Par Level

After we set the par level for a specific product, if the stock drops below our preset value, an indicator lights up, notifying us that we need to look into the stock levels of the product.

Setting Par Levels

To set the par level, let's click on a specific product from our product catalog and head over to Inventory Par Level.

Here we can assign a par level for the product tied to a specific warehouse. If we want to manage it for more than one warehouse, say our fulfillment warehouse, our bonded warehouse, and our "bottle shop" warehouse, we can set three separate par levels.

  1. Click Add Par Level

  2. Select the Warehouse

  3. Enter the Par Level Quantity

  4. Repeat for Additional Warehouses

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