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Order Fulfillment & Advanced Inventory Management
Order Fulfillment & Advanced Inventory Management

Providing you greater flexibility to fulfill orders out of any warehouse, with any product batch of your choosing.

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With OrderEZ, we strive to deliver simple (and EZ) solutions to typically complex challenges in your business. Simplicity is at the forefront, but we also sprinkle in the ability to deploy some advanced functions.

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Order Fulfillment

With our order management functionality, we give users the option of which warehouse they would like to fulfill an order out of. Your primary warehouse is where orders are fulfilled by default, we fulfil products from oldest to newest or if the product has expiry dates we chose those expiring the soonest, but all of this can be overriden.

Let's say you're using OrderEZ for your cellar door bottle shop. Upon Accepting/Completing an order, you can select that warehouse for order fulfillment (Bottle Shop for example), and all inventory movements will reflect that warehouse, ensuring accurate stock.

Advanced Options - Inventory Management

Via our advanced options inventory interface, you're able to select specific batches of the product that you wish to fulfill.

This is useful in situations where you're selling beer to a distributor that would need a more extended expiry date, compared to the local bar where the soonest expiring product is typically not an issue. You can also fulfill from two separate batches if required.

Pro-Tip: By default, the system will select the soonest expiring batch of a product.

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