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Action Needed Invoices
Action Needed Invoices
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Once your invoice images have been uploaded, it will be in Processing for at least 24 hours before being moved to the Done or Action Needed column.

Invoices that have been moved to the Action Needed column are documents that either can't be processed or requires additional information.

This article will walk you through the various reasons for Action Needed invoices and what the next steps required to take.

File Duplication

This will be flagged out if the exact same file is uploaded

Action Required:

Do a quick check to the existing file and delete the duplicate if everything else is in order.

Not Valid

While we appreciate photos of your dogs and cats, unfortunately, we are unable to process them. The same goes for Credit Notes, Delivery Orders, Statements of Accounts, etc.

Action Required:

Delete them or process credit notes manually (Link)

Blur Invoice

Shaky hands do happen to the best of us, but this also means the invoice is unable to be processed.

Action Required:

Delete, retake and upload.

Info Missing

Imagine trying to cook Chicken Rice with no chicken available - Similarly, with no key “ingredients”, we are unable to process the invoices. Key information are as follows:-

  1. Supplier Name

  2. Invoice Date

  3. Product Name

  4. Product Unit Price

  5. Invoice Number (not applicable to handwritten or supermarket receipts)

Action Required:

Re-upload the invoice image with all the key information.

Missing Page

Invoices with more than one page were not fully uploaded and all pages could not be found in the system.

Action Required:

Re-upload all the pages of the invoices and it will be merged on our end.

Physical Changes

Pen marks on the invoices commonly occur when the delivery was not received in completion or produce were rejected. Nonetheless, go ahead and upload the invoices, it will be digitized and flagged out in Action Needed.

Action Required:

Double-check against the image and edit as necessary. Click Process when done.

Line Issue

There might have been a calculation error on some of the products or grand total.

Action Required:

Check and edit as necessary. Click Process when done.

Duplicate Invoice

Same invoice but a different file.

Action Required:

Delete as necessary.

Similar Invoice

The key information matches against an already processed invoice but our system picked up some differences in the description/ quantity / amount.

Action Required:

Check against the processed invoice and delete / process accordingly.

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