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Seamless Integration to Xero
Seamless Integration to Xero

Link up Xero to FoodRazor for your invoices to be exported automatically.

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By linking your Xero account to FoodRazor, your invoices will be exported automatically.

  1. Ensure that you are in admin mode.

  2. Go to Integration > Connection

  1. Click “Connect Xero”, you will be prompted to sign in to your Xero Account.

  2. FoodRazor will request access to your organisation.

You only need to do this step once!

Next, match the following items to complete the set up:


You will need to match your suppliers in FoodRazor to your contacts in Xero.

You will only need to match if there are any differences in the spelling, you will have to select the supplier name from the dropdown bar to match it to supplier name in FoodRazor.

eg. In FoodRazor, the supplier’s name is Happy Bar Pte Ltd, but in Xero, the supplier/contact’s name is Happy Bar (S) Pte Ltd.

Suppliers’ name in the dropdown will be from your contacts in Xero.

If there is no supplier’s name in the dropdown that matches the name in FoodRazor, please create the contact in Xero.

In order to use the bulk approval function in Xero, do remember to set the due dates for suppliers as well.


You will need to match your product categories** to your accounting codes.

Select your accounting code from the dropdown bar.

**For Product Categories (this is linked to your accounting code)

To create product categories, go to Settings > Product Categories > Add Product Category.

Ensure that your products are tagged accordingly under My Products > Product Category.

Adjustment Types

You will need to match your adjustment type to your accounting codes.

Select your accounting code from the dropdown bar.

Tax Rate

Match the tax rate in FoodRazor to the tax rate in Xero.


(Only applicable if there are multiple locations in your FoodRazor account)

Select the same Tracking Category Name (eg. LOCATIONS) as in Xero and match the locations to your Category Options in Xero.

You will only need to do the tagging once or when you have new suppliers and product categories added.

How to tell if your invoices are exported to Xero

Go to Invoices > Done > Under Xero column, you will see the following symbols:-

  1. Blue Cloud - in the process of exporting

  2. Yellow Cloud - unable to export; could be due to matching in integration is not completed / missing info

  3. Purple Cloud - invoice image fail to export

  4. Red Cloud - Fail/ Error; could be due to invoice already exist in Xero or Technical difficulties

  5. Green Cloud - Successful Export!

  6. Clock - invoices dated more than 30 days from the date of connection to Xero will not be exported.

Invoices exporting to Xero from FoodRazor will be updated every 15 minutes.

The invoices will be exported to your Xero Account as a Draft. You will need to log in to your Xero Account to authorize these drafts as invoices.

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