Setting Up Order Approval
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Order approval is user-specific and will only be relevant to User roles. All Admin members are able to approve orders across all locations. Manager Roles are able to approve orders specific to a location.

To turn on order approval for each user, you would need to be in administrator mode (see 1).

Go to Settings > Users (see 2) > Under Order Approval Column > Turn it on for User role > Check that the right Location is selected for the user in the next column (see 3)

Once an order has been placed by User, an email will be sent to manager roles specific to the location and all admin members in the account.

Click on “See order details” for quick access to the purchase order or login to your FoodRazor account to see orders pending approval in Orders under the tab 'Need Approval'.

Click on a purchase order to preview and approve.

If everything is in order, click on “Approve” and the PO will be sent to the supplier. The User will receive an email informing them that the order has been approved.

If the PO is not in accordance, click on “Reject”, add a reason (optional) and the User will receive an email informing them that the PO has been rejected.

If there are any edits required to the PO, click “Duplicate” to make changes.

*Note: Other Instructions will not be brought over to the duplicated order.

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