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COGS Report: Stocktake
COGS Report: Stocktake
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The COGS report under Product Spending is used to calculate the total value ($) of your physical inventory.

To generate this report - Go to Reports > Product Spending

Use the filters to set the date period, locations* and suppliers.

*If you are already in a location mode (check the dropdown bar under the FoodRazor logo on the top left hand corner), there will be no option to filter by locations.

Tip: For date periods, we recommend selecting the period that you wish to capture the stock count against.

Eg. if stock count is done on a monthly basis, select a date period from 1st of the month to the last day of the month. This will accurately pull out the data of purchases and unit prices for that period.

Once the filters have been set > Click Update

When the report has load, click on the 3 grey dots located at the right hand corner of the table > Select COGS Report

This report will be opened in Google Sheets*

To edit and enter the fields while accessing the report on Mobile browser, you will be prompt to do so in the Google Sheets App. (Free to download in Google Play / App Store)
Fill in your physical count details under Column H (In Stock), the in-stock value will be auto calculated and the total will be calculated at the last row.

To help make the task easier, utilize the filter function in google sheets.


Select the row to set the filters on > Data > Create a filter


Select the row to set the filter on > Click the 3 grey dots at the top right hand corner > Create a filter

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