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Release Notes - 28 December 2022
Release Notes - 28 December 2022

Wrapping up the year with a few more updates!

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With 2023 in our grips just a few days away, we're squeezing in one last update this year. And from everyone at OrderEZ - we wish you a pleasant, safe, and peaceful holiday season! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸ“…

Now, onto the good stuff.. On the specials board today we have:

  • Splitting the sales dashboard into two new tabs at the top

  • Adding a search bar in the account activity section

  • Allowing Batch ID to be editable upon inventory transfer or removal

  • Unlimited Tier Pricing! Before, you were limited to 3 tiers.

  • Bug fixes regarding inventory history downloads, freemium outlets being able to change order status, user setting improvements, general UI/UX features.

  • Systemwide support for the Vietnamese dong πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

Sales Dashboard is now split into two!

One of our goals for 2023 is to build upon the CRM functionality, while taking a data driven approach to the reports and information we provide to you. To focus on these two areas independently, we have split the Sales Dashboard into CRM and Reports. Keep an eye out for the exciting updates we'll have in the new year for these two tabs!

Search Bar in Account Activity

Take a look at the account activity tab, and you'll now see that in addition to filtering by sales reps, we've added an outlet search bar and date filters to help you get the most personalized & accurate insights about your ordering (and not ordering) customers.

Allowing Edits to Batch ID Upon Transfer/Removal

Transferring between warehouses and need to edit the Batch ID of a specific product? No problem! Now upon a transfer or removal of product(s), the Batch ID field is editable in the same way as if you were adding inventory.

Unlimited Tier Prices

Do you have more than three price tiers for certain products? We now support an unlimited amount of tiers to provide the most flexibility.

Other Updates

  • OrderEZ now supports the Vietnamese dong! πŸ‡»πŸ‡³

  • Inventory history export bug fixes

  • Freemium outlets will no longer be able to change the status of an order

  • User setting improvements regarding product pricing & product visibility

  • General UI/UX bug fixes.

Mobile App Updates

The following updates will be live on the mobile apps (iOS/Android) in the coming days.

  • Account activity outlet visibility bug fix

  • Product catalog within an order edit bug fix

  • Mobile expense type choice now displaying all options

  • UI Fix on Order Tab in certain iOS instances

  • Sales reps are now able to delete to-do's on mobile

  • Outlet name will be added on to-do page


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