Release Notes - 8 March 2023
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With our first major update in 2023, we're kicking the ground running with some critical improvements and advances. We've taken a lot of feedback from our users recently, and this is the beginning of the many improvements and additions we are tackling to make over the next few months.

TL;DR – Three New Features

Sales Rep View

Introducing a new setting for sales users, we now allow for more custom visibility of what sales representatives can see when using OrderEZ.

You will find two new toggles as part of the settings under sales rep user accounts:

Can see data for all outlets

When this toggle is disabled, this option will limit the visibility of everything on the order page as well as the outlets page only to the outlet customers they are assigned to. This extends to the Reports section as well.

See CRM data for all users

Keeping this toggle disabled will limit the CRM account activity dashboard visibility only to accounts that the sales rep is assigned to. This extends to the Team Activity page as well.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

By default, these settings will be turned on to all existing OrderEZ users. Before turning off these toggles, and there by limiting visibility to your sales reps, please ensure the customer outlet accounts are properly assigned to all sales reps. There are three ways to handle this:

1. Via the CRM account activity sales dashboard, filter by “Unassigned”. This will show all accounts not assigned to any sales rep. By clicking into an outlet card, you will be able quickly choose the corresponding account rep.

2. Via the outlets tab. Search/click for an outlet. Navigate to sales settings and choose the corresponding individual under “Sales Representative”.

3. Via CSV import. Export the current CSV under “Outlets” and there will be a column for account representative email. Here, insert the email address of the sales rep user to the corresponding outlets.

We can help you here - just ping us!

New Outlet Fields

We’ve introduced two new fields to optionally be included as part of the information you can capture for outlets: company legal business name & company registration number.

These can be updated by clicking into a customer via the outlets tab, or our preferred method of updating by exporting the current CSV, updating the pertinent information, and re-uploading it to update your customer outlets. They will now appear on an outlet opening form as well.

These new fields will also appear on our OrderEZ generated invoices and delivery orders.

Outlet Specific Settings

Saving the best for last, we’re happy to announce that we now support some of our settings, but specific to individual outlets.

You’ll now be able to set outlet specific tax rates, choose what default warehouse orders should be fulfilled from for this outlet (you can always override this when changing order status), and assign the appropriate payment terms for the outlet.

These fields can be found under the Settings tab after clicking into any outlet.

You can update outlets in mass via CSV by exporting the current CSV, updating the pertinent headers, and re-uploading it to update your customer outlets.

**We will be enabling the sync of the payment terms & tax rate with our Xero integration in a future update.


Manage Inventory – COGS Visibility

If users are disabled from managing inventory, they will no longer be able to see any COGS associated with products.

Delivery Order Fix

The delivery order export was updated to properly reflect the Order #.

If you need help getting any of the new updates set up with your account, please reach out to your account manager at any time. We’ll be glad to help ya out!

OrderEZ Acquires FoodRazor

If you haven’t heard the news yet, at the end of January, OrderEZ acquired FoodRazor. FoodRazor allows F&B outlets to eliminate data entry, attain instant value insights on spending & cost margins all while making your accountants life that much easier. It also features procurement in a similar way to OrderEZ, except all supplier/product/pricing updates are taken care of by us. Nothing about FoodRazor is changing, only improving - but we are working on creating greater synergy between OrderEZ and FoodRazor.

Are you a supplier also operating an outlet, or an existing outlet and curious to learn more about FoodRazor? Reach out your OrderEZ contact to find a time to chat, or just jump into a free demo!

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