Release Notes - 7 June 2023
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With our June update, we're introducing a fresh round of improvements designed to make things that much more simpler, and easier. Over the next few months, we have a lot of exciting updates planned - these are just the beginning. Stay tuned!


Changing Outlets Label to Customers Systemwide



  1. a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business.

Not everyone you sell to is has a retail or brick and mortar outlet. We felt "customers" was the proper label.

This change has been a long time coming, but for our supplier users we have now renamed Outlets to Customers.

Creating Customers Directly from the CRM

How many times has this scenario happened to you? Your target customer has agreed to open an account with you, they'll be placing their first order in the coming days, and you've sent them the OrderEZ onboarding form so they can self-service order.

Unfortunately, they're so swamped with bar operations they haven't gotten around to filling it out, but they sent you their address via WhatsApp.

Now you can create the customer account directly from the CRM. When clicking on a customer card from Target Accounts or Pending Account Opening you'll see our new Create Customer button. No more deleting the account from the CRM, and setting them up elsewhere.

Opening an Order from the Inventory History Ledger

Running through some general inventory auditing, or trying to figure out where a specific batch of beer went? We've now made it easier to open order details directly from the Inventory History tab.

Click on a product, head over to Inventory History, and you can open order details directly by clicking on the Order # - go give it a whirl!

Orders Page Now Displays All Future Deliveries

Approaching the last day of the month, and frustrated because the default filters of "This Month" place your deliveries for tomorrow, aka next month, out of view? Have no fear, a solution is here!

We've changed the formatting of our orders page so you can always see any orders scheduled delivery in the future by default. The filters tab is always there for you to display the specifics, if needed.

The total at the top right is still orders with this month's delivery date in status': pending, accepted, scheduled, and completed orders.

Order Notes Now Included on CSV Export

When exporting order history, you will now see the notes associated with an order.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE (hah): Only the notes entered when first placing an order appear on the Order History CSV export.


1. Sales Rep Auto Assigned Upon New Customer Creation

When a user creates a new customer, they'll automatically be the user assigned to the customer. Often case, this is as it should be, but if you have or are a sales admin creating new customers, please make sure to assign the account to the proper sales rep.

Within the next few updates, we'll include a drop down to assign a sales rep when initially creating an account.

2. NetSuite Integration

We've built in an integration between OrderEZ and NetSuite! Are you on NetSuite? Reach out to us so we can discuss linking the two together, as each NetSuite setup is custom.

More details on this to follow.

3. Bug Fix: Customer CSV Upload Name Error

4. Bug Fix: Outlet B2B portal invite will no longer be sent when adding a new contact, as long as the invite had never been initially sent.

Are any of these updates not displaying for you right away? Log out of OrderEZ and reset your browsers' cookies, and you'll be good to go!

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