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Displaying Inventory Levels

How to enable displaying inventory levels to your customers: from how it functions to any and all troubleshooting.

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Giving you even greater control over the information your customers see, the inventory level display functionality controls how product stock levels are communicated to customers in the ordering portal.

The display inventory feature displays the stock level in an availability column for your customer, as pictured below.

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Enabling Inventory Level Displays

To enable inventory stock level displays, we'll need to start at Inventory Settings in our Supplier Settings. Scroll towards the bottom, and the settings under Customer View relate to our inventory display settings.

To enable stock level displays only for specific customers, please see the customer specific section below.

Display Inventory Level

This toggle turns on the display inventory level setting globally. When enabled, all customers are able to see stock levels of products visible to them.

Low Inventory Indicator

Once your stock level is below the amount you set, the customer will receive an indicator notifying them that the stock level is low. If the value = 0, the indicator will never be displayed.

Ordering More Than Available

This setting gives you the ability to allow customers to submit an order with a quantity of more than what you currently have in stock.

If this toggle remains off, customers will only be able to submit an order quantity less than or equal to what you have in stock. Any out of stock products will display the β›” indicator and the customer will be unable to add them to the cart.

Pro Tip: If "Display Inventory Levels" is turned off, and "Ordering More Than Available" is turned off, order limits only apply to Out of Stock products.

Exclude Expired Inventory

Turning this toggle on will exclude any stock of a product that is past its expiration date. For example, if you have 5 batches of beer with 120 units per batch in inventory (600 in total) and one of the batches is past its expiration date, the customer will only see a stock level of 480.

Enabling Specific Warehouses for Inventory Displays

OrderEZ allows for multiple warehouses, allowing you to keep track of stock, whether its on consignment with a customer, reserved for a marketing event, or the team's personal stock waiting for Friday afternoon. If you do not want to include these warehouses as part of inventory levels, you don't need to.

By default, your primary warehouse will automatically have Include Inventory Levels enabled. However, to add additional warehouses into stock level visibility, we will want to enable this toggle.

Head over to Warehouses, click on the warehouse you'd like included in product stock levels, and toggle Include Inventory Levels to ON.

🚨 If display inventory levels is on and a specific warehouse's "include inventory levels" is off, but that warehouse is assigned as a default warehouse to a customer, the customer will be able to see applicable product stock levels. 🚨

Displaying Inventory Levels for Specific Customers

While the ability to display inventory levels to your customers is great, there are cases where we do not want to enable this setting globally, but only for specific customers. We've made it easy to control the same settings, but on a customer-by-customer basis.

Customer-specific settings are accessed by clicking into a customer, followed by Inventory Settings. Here you will find all of the same toggles as above.

Customer Specific Inventory Settings via CSV

The four controls above can be set for customers en masse via our CSV Import functionality.

To begin, export a CSV of your Customers from the Customer tab. Rows Z-AC on the exported Excel file will allow you to toggle Y/N for the four settings. To enable, enter Y into the proper column for the appropriate customer.

Once complete, save your file as a CSV, and import it back into OrderEZ to update inventory settings for your customers.

Quick Note!

If you keep Display Inventory Levels and the Ordering More Than Available settings turned Off, outlets will still be able to order more quantity than available, without warning.

If you need any help setting up inventory display settings for the first time, or at any time, do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager, or email us at and we'll make sure to set you up!

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