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Release Notes - 6 October 2023
Release Notes - 6 October 2023

Bringing you the long await customer category pricing catalogs, V1 of our real-time integrated data dashboards, and much more πŸš€

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October is underway and with Halloween around the corner, the team at OrderEZ is already in costume: as hard workers pumping out some great updates! πŸŽƒ

We're bringing you the long awaited customer categories & accompanying category pricing catalogs, V1 of our real-time integrated data dashboards with ChartBrew, as well as some improvements in the form of:

  • outlets can now control product visibility via CSV

  • suppliers can change customer credit terms in the customer profiles, and that'll automatically update the Xero integration

  • SMS/WhatsApp notifications sent to suppliers now include the name of the ordering outlet

Customer Categories & Customer Category Pricing Catalogs

Introducing customer categories! Now you can categorize your customers any way you want. Whether it's based on pricing catalogs, or solely categories such as hotel/restaurant/bar, we're giving you more flexibility to manage customer types and pricing the way you want.

Check out our article on how to set up categories, assign customers to categories, and how to set up category pricing here.

Integrated & Real-Time OrderEZ Data Dashboards

We've rolled out our integration with ChartBrew and are proud to offer the beta V1 version of our real-time data dashboards. Invites and more information are rolling out for these, and we appreciate any and all feedback as we work to build on the integrated reporting side of things.

If you'd like to discuss data reporting capabilities more, just send a quick message to your account manager at OrderEZ!

Credit Term Changes

No more going into the Xero integration to adjust payment terms by customer. Changing the payment terms directly within a customer profile on OrderEZ will now automatically update the payment terms within the Xero integration, and in turn, Xero.

Outlets Can Now Control Their Supplier's Product Visibility via CSV

Uploading new products for one of your suppliers, but only want your outlet to see a few of them when ordering? We now offer visibility controls on our CSV - allowing you to instantly set them as hidden or available.

SMS/WhatsApp Notifications Now Include the Ordering Outlet's Name

We've changed the verbiage on our WhatsApp and SMS notifications to suppliers to include the ordering outlet name directly in the body of the message. More clarity - hooray!

As we enter the last quarter of the year here, we just want to extend gratitude to all of our customers - suppliers and outlets. We're increasing capabilities to roll out updates and improvements faster & smoother, and the whole team here is very excited at what we'll be releasing in the coming months. Stay tuned! πŸ‘»

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