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Customer Categories & Customer Category Pricing Catalogs

Use categories to appropriately label your customers, and assign pricing tailored specifically for those categories.

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In our latest update, we've introduced customer categories and customer category pricing catalogs. This now allows you to set pricing for an entire category, and simply label customers that category to automatically apply the category pricing. No more managing customer by customer!

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How to Set Up Customer Categories

Start by clicking on a customer within the Customers tab, and heading over to Settings. Here we will find the new section: Category

At first, all customers will be assigned to the "Default" category which represents the prevailing price in the system. The pricing for this category is controlled directly on the Products page, or in the main "Price" header within the CSV.

If your Default category is subject to a certain name such as a region, or say, HORECA, you're able to edit the label.

Click on the dropdown, and hover to the pencil icon in Default.

Click on the icon and this will open a pop-up to rename the category. Click on "Save Changes" to confirm.

Setting Additional Categories

To set up a new category, simply click on the dropdown and select + Add New Category.

Set the category name and click Add New Category.

Repeat until you've set up all of your categories!

Assigning Categories to Customers

There are currently two ways to assign your customers a category.

Directly in the customer profile

Simply select the category within the customer profile - and remember to hit the save button at the bottom of the page!

via CSV Upload

The quickest way to assign categories to all your customers en masse will be via the CSV upload.

To start, export your current customer list via CSV on the customers tab.

From here you can hide columns B thru AC so you just have Customer Name and Customer Category visible.

Label the customer_category column with the categories you have previously set up.

Save the file as a .CSV file and Import it via the customers tab - and your customers will be properly categorized!

Setting Up Customer Category Pricing

Setting up the customer category pricing is relatively straight forward, but at present can only be done via the CSV functionality.

To start, make sure your categories have been set up, and export a CSV of your products from the Products tab.

Open the CSV, and start by hiding columns E through M for easier visibility. In the succeeding columns, you will find category price and visibility columns.

Set the prevailing price for the category, and whether that product is visible or hidden for the category.

Once complete, save the file as a .CSV and import it via the products page - and viola - you're done!

If you have any questions or would like assistance in setting up customer categories or customer category pricing, please reach out to your OrderEZ account manager.

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