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Release Notes - 8 December 2023
Release Notes - 8 December 2023
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As we wrap up 2023, we are bringing you the first of two updates this December. We've been busy squeezing in a lot of requested features before the year closes out, and have one large update coming shortly after this one - more on that below!

For this release we are introducing several new features & improvements.


Product Groups

Introducing Product Groups, a way to categorize all of your products in a way that is meaningful to you. Whether you want to put your single beer option that comes in a can, bottle, and keg into one group, your different spirits from the supplier you're purchasing from, or wines based on the region they're from - now you can!

In the near future, we will be introducing product group filters within the platform and reporting, as well as in our integrated dashboards allowing you to get analytics and data based on the grouping you desire.

Product Page Date Selector

Wouldn't it be great to know the value of your inventory at a past date in time? With our newest feature, the product page date selector, you can choose a date to see that value.

Notes & Tips

The inventory value will only be accessible going forward; values before December 8th, 2023 are not available unfortunately.

Changing the inventory valuation method in your inventory settings may have adverse effects on calculating the accurate inventory value.

Email Notification for Warehouse Par Levels & Expiry Dates

Our inventory module has always displayed indicators when a product reaches its par level in a specific warehouse, or you have a batch of a product expiring with XYZ days. We've now taken it a step further and built in email notifications for when these events are triggered.

You can choose which user's receive these notifications via your account's user role settings.

Stocktake Module Now Allows For a Stock Increase

Previously the stocktake module allowed you to reduce stock for any particular batch of inventory. We've now changed the permissions to allow you to increase the amount of stock within the inventory batch of a product.

Products Can Be Removed From an Order With No Status Change

We've now introduced an icon to remove the product via an Order Edit without needing to change the status. Alternatively, setting the product quantity to 0 will also trigger a removal of the product from an order.

Additional Customer Settings Directly When Creating a Customer

No more clicking into a customer directly after setting them up to set up credit terms, warehouse, sales rep, etc. We've changed the Create New Customer flow to include all of these additional settings.

COGS Are Now Editable Upon Inventory Transfer

When transferring inventory, the cost of goods sold is now an editable field, and will update the COGS when they are transferred into the designated warehouse.

Stay tuned for one more update before the year wraps up: a completely re-designed and revised Order Overview page, supporting %/$ discounts, delivery drivers, sales quotes, and much more!

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