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Release Notes - 28 December 2023
Release Notes - 28 December 2023

Our final update of the year!

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With the year coming to a close, we're bringing you one last update, and it's an exciting one!

Our Revised Order Overview Page

The team has been hard at work building a completely revised order experience, with an order overview page that encapsulates a few new elements, and provides a much clearer view. Let's dive in!

Type of Order

We now enable you to start your orders as a sale order, or as a quote. Sales orders are exactly how things have always been, but Quotes are a new status we've introduced. Quotes enable you to provide your customer, or potential customer with a link directly to a quotation. More on quotes below!

Delivery Details

Our delivery details section has been updated to allow you to select the delivery date immediately in the order, as well as assign a driver, and input the delivery fee.

Redesigned Product View & Discounting

Our redesigned product view now captures product names in their entirety, and we've introduced a brand new discounting options. You are now able to enter product discounts on a product by product level - either as a percentage (%) or currency amount ($).

Inputting a % product discount via the discount field on the right side of the page will automatically pre-populate all products with the appropriate % discount. We also enable you to add an additional order discount, on top of product level discounts.

Notes Field

Lastly, we've enabled for our notes feature to be projected on delivery orders, invoices and quotes. When you enter notes for an order, you are able to toggle select what documents you would like the remarks to appear on. Try it out!


With our redesigned order overview page, we've created a new status and feature: quotations. You may now begin an order as a quotation to send to a new customer, or prospective customer. We enable you to do so via a public order URL found on the quotation page.

Quotes can be converted directly to Pending Orders. In the event that the customer does not exist in the system yet, you will be prompted to set them up.

As you begin to get feel for the changes and updates, please reach out to the our team with any questions. We're excited for our big plans for 2024 to bring you a lot of new and exciting updates!

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