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Release Notes - 14 February 2024
Release Notes - 14 February 2024

Introducing tags! Further segment your products and customers for the analytics you truly want to see.. as well as other great features!

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Our first major update of the year is bringing you a long awaited feature - tagging of customers & products! As you know we're big on data, and our new tagging feature allows you to segment your customers and products in any way you want.

Release TL;DR

Activity & Expense Delete Buttons

Order History CSV Export Updates

Quotes Are No Longer Included in Order Page $ Display

Sending Invoice Automatically When Completing an Order

Customer & Product Tags

You asked, and we listened. When we introduced customer categories and product groups - we knew there would be a greater desire to further segment your products and customers. Tags will be filters within our suite of data tools in the near future, allowing you to extract the analytics and insights that you want to see.

Whether its labeling attributes of the products you sell, or adding elements such as geography, price point, or specific segment of your customers - tagging allows you to accomplish just that.

You can set up your tags by clicking into your customers and/or products, with a help center guide coming this week!

Xero Integration Updates

We've updated our Xero integration to include Product Groups and Customer Categories allowing you to make integration setting updates to enter tranches of customers or products in one go.

Do certain products map to different sales accounts? Or what about category of customers and payment terms? With our new group & category settings, you are able to update all these products/customers en-masse.

Pro Tip: Customer/Product specific settings will always over-ride any customer category/product group settings. The category and group settings take precedent over the default settings in Account Info. If no customer/product specific or group/category settings are selected, the default settings will be reflected.

Head over to your integration settings to check it out and feel free to reach out to your account manager if you need any help.

PDF Document Now Available Upon Inventory Transfer

Transferring products to a consignment customer and need a PDF document accompany the delivery? We now give an option to generate a PDF upon any inventory transfer.

At the confirmation step of the transfer, you'll now see an option to generate a PDF document.

Forgot to download the document while completing the inventory transfer? No stress! Simply click into any product from the transfer, head over to Inventory History, and you'll see icons to download the document again.

We have plans to make this document for conveniently accessible in the near future!

Expiry Date & Par Level Filters

Looking to see what products are expiring soon, or what needs a re-up as it has hit its par level? We've added expiring soon and reached par level as two statuses that you can now filter by within the Products page filter.

Other Updates

Team Activity & Expense Delete Button

Uploaded the wrong expense or input the wrong activity? We've added a delete icon to both of these elements within our CRM.

Order History CSV Export Updates

We've updated our order history CSV document to remove the currency denomination out of the pricing cells, as well as to include the customer category, fulfillment warehouse, and assigned driver.


  • We've also made sure quotes are no longer reflected in the Total for this month’s deliveries figure at the top of the orders page.

  • Customers are now able to receive a PDF attachment of their invoice when you mark an order as Completed. Please reach out to your OrderEZ account manager to enable this setting. (We'll bring it to your supplier settings soon!)

We're looking forward to bringing you much, much more this year, and if you need any help our team is always available - just hit that blue chat icon at the bottom right corner!

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