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How to set up and utilize our customer tagging feature.

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Customer Tags allow you to create labels for your customers. These tags can be used as a way of filtering your analytics & data insights to learn more about specific geographical trends, or provide sales data for say, an entire restaurant or hotel group.

Do you want to see how sales are in a certain geographic district of your market, or a particular segment of a customer category? Tagging enables exactly this.

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How to Set Up Tags - Existing Customers

Start by clicking on a customer in the Customer tab, and click on the Settings tab. At the top you'll find the Add Tags section.

Click into the gray box and a dialogue will open that will enable you to assign tags, create new tags, and edit existing tags.

Click + Create New Tag to begin adding your own tags.

Label your tag, choose your color, and click on Save Tag.

If you need to change the name of a tag, the color, or to delete it entirely, simply click on Edit Tags, followed by the tag that needs an edit.

When you've finished tagging your customer, remember to hit Save Changes and viola, you're done!

How to Set Up Tags - New Customers

When creating a new customer, we've added the tagging inputs to during the customer creation flow.

Simply follow the steps above prior to moving onto the next step of the customer creation flow.

How to Set Up Tags - En Masse via CSV

Before beginning, ensure all the tags you would like to assign to customers have been already created via the steps above.

When all tags are created, start by exporting a CSV of your customer list.

Here you'll find a column labelled tags where you can enter all of your desired tags for the corresponding customers. To ensure the CSV uploads to OrderEZ successfully, please ensure the tag is written out exactly as it is in the system. You'll want to separate the tags by a comma (,) with no spaces between the tags.

Save the file as a .CSV, and Import the file into OrderEZ - and all of your customers will automatically be tagged!

Filtering Customers by Tags

You can filter the customers page by tags. Simply select (or search) for the tags you need, and click Apply. Selecting more than one tag will narrow down the filtering based on all of the selected tags.

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