Release Notes - 5 March 2024

A few small updates to improve your OrderEZ experience.

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Introducing a few new elements and tweaks to improve your day-to-day processes.


Xero Integration Search Bar

All the sections of our Xero integration now include a search bar for quicker filtering of your data. No more scrolling to find the product or customer you want - they're now simply a few keystrokes away!

Backorder Status

In addition to regular sales orders and quotes, we've now introduced a Backorder status for accurate segmentation of orders for out of stock products. Simply select Backorder on the Order Overview page when initially creating an order.

Pro Tip: Backorder order's are not included in the sales figure at the top of the Orders page.

Order Completion Sending Invoice to Customer

Looking for a way to automatically send invoices to your customers after an order has been completed? We've recently introduced a sale setting for our platform to automatically email your customer a PDF of the invoice upon order completion.

To enable this feature, head into Supplier Settings --> Sales Settings. Once an Order is marked as Completed - the notification email to the customer will contain the OrderEZ invoice.

Assigning Multiple Outlets to Outlet Users

We've changed our outlet-side user permission settings to allow for users to be assigned to multiple outlets, without being assigned to all of the group's outlets.

Credit Notes & Xero Integration

We've made modifications to how Credit Notes work with our Xero integration. We now support standalone credit notes not linked to a specific order properly adjusting your selected Inventory/COGS accounts. Credit Notes that are linked to a specific order will follow suite as a credit note synced to an Invoice in Xero.

As always, if you have any questions about any of the updates, please reach out to your OrderEZ account manager, or click the blue circle in the bottom right and our team will help you out!

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