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Plan = Customers placing orders themselves, Backup Plan = Suppliers catching orders however they come in and placing them on their behalf.

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As much as we may want our customers to place orders online themselves, there is no guarantee that you won't get orders on SMS, WhatsApp, across the counter, walking down the street on the phone or on Saturday night or when you're out at dinner.

That's why we built in the function for you to add new orders on behalf of your customers via desktop or on the OrderEZ mobile app.

tl;dr - Adding New Orders

(1) You can add new orders on behalf of your Customers on desktop or on OrderEZ mobile app

(2) Orders added on behalf of your Customers will have the "Pending" status

(3) Similar to orders placed by Customers via the self-service feature, Customers will be notified when the order has been accepted or scheduled for delivery.

On desktop

Navigate to the orders page and click on "Add New Order".

Choose the Customer that you are adding the new order on behalf of. You can also enter a Customer Order Reference Number (eg PO number), which will be printed on the invoice when exported.

Click on "Select" to add the product to the order, then enter the quantity of the product. You can also override the price per unit of the product (this will be specific to the order - maybe you want to give this customer a special price for their loyal support!). Once ready, click on "Go to Overview".

Review the order, add a delivery fee (if applicable) and enter a note to the order, then click on "Submit Order".

On OrderEZ's mobile app

  1. Click on the "+" button at the bottom right of the app

  2. Click on "Order"

  3. Select the Customer you are adding the new order on behalf of

  4. Select the products to be included in the order

  5. You can enter a note for the order. Additionally, you can click on the product to edit

  6. You can override the price per product. This will be applicable only for this specific order. Once ready, click on Update and Submit Order.

What happens after I add the order on behalf of my customer?

After you add the new order on behalf of the Customer, the status of the order will be "Pending". The order can then go through the same process as any other orders (ie accepting the order, scheduling it for delivery and completing it).

What will my customer see?

  1. The Customer will receive a notification on their mobile app only after the order has been accepted.

  2. The order can also be seen on their Orders page - so they have visibility on whether the order has been scheduled for delivery etc.

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