Your customer is now using OrderEZ to manage their orders, hurray! But before they can place an order with you, they will need to connect to you, and you will also need to accept the connection request (think Facebook, you guys needs to be friends first).

Your customers (Outlets) would have added you as one of their Suppliers and sent you a connection request. To accept the request, go to the Outlets page, then click on "Connection Request". You will see all the Outlets that have sent you a connection request. We also include that nifty purple notification circle to make sure you don't miss it.

Click on the Outlet name to open, then click on "Accept Request" on the top right corner of the page to accept the connection request.

You will be connected to the Outlet and will be able to see the orders from the Outlet. The Outlet will also be able to see your products and place orders.

What your customer will see:

On the Suppliers page, you will be included in the list of connected Suppliers of the Outlet.

On the Products page, the Outlet can also see all your products and place orders for them.

What else can you do?

You can manage the availability of the product for each Outlets. Find out more here!

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