After you’ve added your Outlets you can edit them at the Outlet tab.

tl;dr - what else can I do/see after I've added my customers to OrderEZ

(1) View key info about the Outlet

(2) Assign a sales rep

(3) Add or edit contact persons

(4) Manage product visibility and prices

Outlet Info

  • View the key info about your customers

Sales Settings

  • Here is where you can assign a sales rep as well as override your default dormant account notification (this feature will notify you when your customer has not ordered for a specific number of days).

After the specified number of days, the account will be labelled as "Dormant account", identified by the bell next to the account name when you view the Account Activity dashboard. For more information about the Account Activity dashboard, check out our article about reports for Suppliers.


  • Need to add a new contact at one of your customers? Remove one? Here’s where you can add new people to ensure everyone at your clients are up to speed on what's happening.


  • Manage product visibility and prices on the Outlet level.

(1) Manage the visibility of product (visible = product is available for the Outlet to place order, hidden = product cannot be seen by the Outlet)

(2) Manage the prices of the product. Setting a new price here will automatically create a special tier pricing assigned to this Outlet

(3) You can also easily access the list price (ie base price of the product), discount given to this outlet and price per unit (ie unit price that the Outlet is paying)

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