tl;dr - Outlet Contacts

(1) You can add multiple contacts to the Outlet. Each contact should have a unique email address

(2) You can also set the contact type - Owner, Ordering, Finance, Subscriber

(3) Set your main point of contact as the primary contact of the Outlet and easily access their contact info when managing orders

In OrderEZ, you can add multiple contacts for your customer in the system, and also indicate the main point of contact (eg. a designated individual whom you usually liaise with regarding orders).

When you add a new contact to the Outlet, a welcome email will be sent to the user to invite them to set up their login access for their Freemium account.

To add contacts to the Outlet, click on the "Outlets" tab, then select the Outlet and go to the Contact's tab.

You may see that one of the contacts is labelled as "Default Primary". This is the primary contact set by you, it could be the GM, Bar Manager, Chef, or it could point to a generic mailbox like "" or "". This contact person will appear as the primary contact when you click on "Outlet Info" of an order as well as on the invoices and delivery orders.

You may have a specific individual who regularly orders from you. You can indicate that person to be your primary contact. This way, you can easily access the contact number should you need to contact them.

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