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Order Management Systems and Why You Need One
Order Management Systems and Why You Need One

Features of OMS, the importance and benefits of using them to organise your business.

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What is an Order Management System?

An Order Management System is an online platform that helps businesses better manage customer orders and stock levels. Order management systems offer consolidation of orders onto a single platform, tracking of various orders and order statuses, and provide visibility of inventory and stock levels.

So...Why do I need one?

Purchasing is a huge part of operations in the F&B industry. Many restaurants, bars and cafes purchase a huge variety of food and non-food products from various suppliers on a regular basis; Suppliers, on the other hand, receive hundreds of orders from their customers every day, week, or month. With an increasing demand for fast and accurate responses from both suppliers and outlets, order management systems have become an essential tool to increase efficiency and communication for businesses in the F&B industry.

What's in it for me if I start using an Order Management System?

Centralised Data

Using an order management platform means that all your orders (regardless of whether your customers placed their orders online, via WhatsApp, by phone call, SMS, or email) are consolidated on a single platform, making data readily and easily accessible. Data integrity and consistency are maintained and you and your team will not need to worry about sending the wrong orders to the wrong customers.

Real-time updates of orders and order statuses

Having all your orders on an online platform also allows you to get real-time updates of orders and can immediately know when you receive an urgent order from a key customer, or when you receive a dispute on an order you have recently delivered. This allows for a faster response and a higher level of customer satisfaction, thereby translating to a higher bottom line.

Ability to make sounds and effective inventory decisions

Order management platforms help you get a clearer overview of orders and hence, have a better knowledge of inventory moving in and out of your warehouse. Knowing exactly what you have and what you sold will help you decide when to reorder products and how much to order.

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