Adding New Xero Suppliers

The Xero Integration also allows you to sync contacts from Xero and set them up as Supplier in OrderEZ.

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tl;dr - To add a new Xero Supplier

(1) Ensure that the Supplier contact is set up on Xero

(2) Add a new Supplier on OrderEZ and select the Xero contact

To add a new Supplier that already exists in your Xero account, click on the Supplier tab, then click on the "Add New Supplier" button. Enter the name of the Supplier. and you will see that the new Supplier you are adding is coming in from Xero.

Select the Supplier, then click on the "Add Supplier" button.

Next, you can add multiple contacts of the Supplier. Future orders placed on OrderEZ will be sent to your Supplier via email/SMS/Whatsapp messages.

Lastly, add new products that you purchase from this Supplier (either manually by clicking on "Add New Products", or using the CSV upload feature).

What will my vendors receive?

  • Email notification - Your Suppliers receive an email notifying them that they will receive orders from you via email.

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