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What it means and what to do when a supplier would like to connect.

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If you see a yellow badge next to the Suppliers tab, it means you have a connection request and a Supplier would like to connect with you. By accepting the request, you will be able to see their product list and order from them. Pretty cool, right? So just how do you accept the request?

tl;dr - Accepting a Connection Request from a Supplier

(1) A Premium Supplier can send a connection request to you - This way, you will be able to place orders from them

(2) Some Suppliers may request that you complete the onboarding form and sign the Terms & Conditions before connecting. Be sure to do so to complete the process! πŸ˜„

First, click on the Supplier tab and Connection Request tab to view the connection request.

To accept the request, click on the "Accept Request" button at the top right corner of the page.

If your Supplier sent you an account opening form, you will need to walk through a couple of steps and accept your Supplier's Terms & Conditions before finishing the connection request. Click on the "Start the Form" button.

You can choose from your existing finance and ordering user or create new contacts. Once you are ready, click on the "Next Step" button at the top of the page.

Accept the Terms & Conditions from your Supplier and click "Go to Overview. Then check the info and click Completed and Connect to finish this process. You are now connected to the Supplier and can start placing orders with them.

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