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My supplier is using OrderEZ for order management, what now?
My supplier is using OrderEZ for order management, what now?

A basic intro of what's in it for you as a Freemium Outlet

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tl;dr - OrderEZ for Freemium Outlet

(1) When your Supplier comes on board with OrderEZ, you get a free account from us as well! Look out for the invitation email to claim your account.

(2) With the free account, you get to:

  • View the product catalogue set up for you

  • Place orders more easily using the self-service ordering feature

  • Visibility on status of orders - in-app or email confirmation

Imagine this: You run a small cosy cafe called "Robo Coffee" and you order your coffee beans from your Supplier "Get Roasted". You usually drop a WhatsApp message to the sales rep with details of your orders and wait for the products to be delivered. One fine morning, you received an email looking like this...

This is not a spam email, so don't archive or delete it!

"Get Roasted" is now using OrderEZ to process their orders and they have added you as their Outlet (ie. their customer), which means you get a Freemium account for OrderEZ. Here's what to do next:

1. Claim your account

Set up your Freemium account so that you can start sending your orders to Get Roasted using OrderEZ. To do so, click on the "Claim your Account" button in the email. You will be brought to the page to set a new password.

After setting your password, go to to login. The username is your email address where you got the email in the first place.

2. Request for the sign-up link again

If you receive an error when trying to set your password, chances are the sign-up link has expired. You can request a new sign-up link again and you will be prompted to provide your email address. Enter your email address and the new email to reset your password will be sent to your mailbox.

What's in for me with this free account?

1. View product catalogue and place orders via OrderEZ

After you have claimed your Freemium account and successfully logged in, you will land on the Product page, where you will see the full list of products from Get Roasted. You can place orders here by adding the products into the shopping cart and checking out. For more information, do check out "Creating New Order".

2. Visibility on status of orders

With the Freemium account, you will also receive instant email confirmation when your order has been accepted/scheduled for delivery, and have the ability to view all your ongoing and completed orders from Get Roasted. This means you know whether your order has been accepted, declined, or scheduled for delivery (ie no more hoping and praying to receive them on time because you now know exactly when they are coming!). Find more about the different types of orders in OrderEZ here.

Aren't you glad that your Supplier made this wonderful decision to come onboard with OrderEZ? Do you know that you can also come on board as a Premium Outlet, which includes additional features? Schedule a demo with the OrderEZ team now!

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