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Target Accounts

An introduction to a nifty CRM feature in OrderEZ.

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tl;dr - target accounts

(1) A new target account is created when you create a To-Do task tagged to the new Customer

(2) You can record new team activities tagged to the target account

(3) You can send the onboarding link to the target account from the Account Activity page.

What are target accounts?

Target accounts are your potential customers. They sit in the far left bucket on the Account Activity report page.

It is important to keep track of your potential customers; you went through a great effort to get connected to them, took the first step to introduce the amazing products you can offer, and now you definitely want to nurture them into becoming buying customers. Having them added as target accounts will give you a clear view of those Customers you have contacted and need to follow up with.

How do I use this?

Adding a new target account

There is no need for you to manually "create" a target account; target accounts are created automatically when you add a To-Do task tagged to a new Customer.

To add a new To-Do task, click on the Sales Dashboard tab, and then the Team Activity tab. Your personal To-Do list is on the right. Click on "Add To-Do" to add a new task.

Enter the name of the target account and click on "Create New". Enter additional information about the task (eg "Follow up on meeting last week"), then click "Add To-Do".

The target account will appear on the Account Activity page.

Onboarding target accounts

You can easily onboard a target account by clicking on the "Send Onboarding Link" button. You can also add new team activities to record your visits to the new Customer.

Sending an onboarding link to your target account will move it to the "Pending Account Opening" bucket, and subsequently to the "Account Open, Yet to Buy" bucket or "Ordering" bucket, so you know exactly which stage the Customer is at. Find out more about the different stages of account activity here.

Find out more about sending and resending the onboarding link to your Customers here!

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