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Onboarding New Target Accounts
Onboarding New Target Accounts

How to onboard your target accounts and set them up on OrderEZ

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tl;dr - Onboarding new target accounts is as simple as

(1) Enter target account contact info

(2) Set up product availability and product prices

(3) Send onboarding link to Customer

(4) Resend the link to Customers if required

Upon completing the account opening page, Customers will be brought straight to the main product page for them to place their first order with you.

You can also do this on OrderEZ's mobile app!

Send Onboarding Link

To send the onboarding link to target accounts, navigate to the Account Activity page and click on the target account to onboard. Then, click on "Send Onboarding Link" to send the link to an account opening form to the Customer.

Enter the ordering contact name. You can send the link by email, SMS or Whatsapp message. Once ready, click on "Next Step".

Next, manage the availability and prices of the products. Setting the new product price here will create a special tier pricing assigned to the Customer. Once ready, click on "Go to Overview", then "Send Onboarding Link".

Resend Invite

After you send an onboarding link to the Customer, it will automatically move to the "Pending Account Opening" column. You can also resend the link to the Customer if needed.

Delete Target Account

To delete a target account, click on the delete icon on the top right-hand corner of the target account. The Customer will not be able to access the onboarding link, and all related To-Dos created for the Customer will also be removed.

On OrderEZ mobile app

1. Click on the "Activity" tab at the bottom of the app and select the target account you want to onboard

2. Click on "Send Onboarding Link"

3. Enter the name of the ordering contact and email address

4. Scroll down to edit the special tier pricing and availability of products for the Customer. To edit the availability of products, click on "Edit" at the top right corner.

5. Check/Uncheck the products to set the availability

6. Once ready, click on "Send" to send the onboarding link to the Customer.

What will the Customer see?

The Customer will receive the link to an account opening form, where they can click the link to start the onboarding process.

After the Customer completes the account opening form, they will be brought straight to the main product page for them to place their first order with you!

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