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My Supplier invited me to onboard OrderEZ, what’s that?
My Supplier invited me to onboard OrderEZ, what’s that?

What do you when you receive an onboarding link from your Supplier via OrderEZ

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Your Supplier is using OrderEZ to manage their order taking and making processes, and they have invited you to receive a Freemium account giving the benefit of OrderEZ to you too, for free! You will have received an onboarding email from your Supplier asking you to Claim Your Account. Here’s some of the things you can do after claiming your Freemium account:

  • Easily raise orders with your Supplier, by accessing the product catalogues in OrderEZ.

  • Add notes and delivery requests in the platform

  • Receive instant notification of partial or full order acceptance.

  • Track all orders placed through OrderEZ with ease.

  • All of the above from an easy to use Mobile App or in browser for FREE.

If you have an existing account with OrderEZ, no action is needed, this new Supplier and their product list will simply appear next time you log in.

Excited to get started? Read on to learn all about the onboarding process.

From the onboarding email, click on “Start Onboarding”.

Enter the relevant details and click on Next Step.

Enter your Outlet info. If your Supplier has entered some info on your behalf, you may review and make changes as needed. Once you are ready, click on Next Step.

Enter your finance contact and ordering contact here. If all three roles are held by the same person, no problem, simply check the “Same as Account” box, then click on “Next Step”.

Finally, your Supplier may have loaded in their trading Terms & Conditions, make sure to read them before finishing the onboarding process. A PDF copy of the Terms & Conditions will also be shared with you via email once you finish the process.

Once ready, click on Complete and Connect.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed onboarding to OrderEZ, and are now connected to your Supplier and ready to make your first order with OrderEZ!

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