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Trial Outlets - Connecting to Demo Suppliers
Trial Outlets - Connecting to Demo Suppliers
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To connect to a demo Supplier, log in to OrderEZ and click on the "Supplier" tab, then click on "Add New Supplier".

Type in to search for the Supplier name (eg, "Gin Story") and click on the corresponding result. Then, click on "Add Supplier".

There is no need to add a new user as we have already set it up in the demo Supplier. Simply click on Next Step.

We have also pre-populated some sample products which you can use when creating new orders. Be sure to click on "Set Visibility" and select "Show All", otherwise you would not be able to select them when generating an order later! Then, click on "Finish".

And you're all set! The demo Supplier is now ready and available for you to create orders.

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