As a Supplier, you are likely to supply more than just one product line and hence, will probably want to record your sales into different accounts in Xero, or make use of tracking categories to slice and dice your financial reports by the geographical location of your customers. You can now map to specific lines on the chart of accounts or tracking categories at the product and/or outlet level in OrderEZ, and this info will be captured and pushed into your draft invoice in Xero, giving you greater business insights from your financial reports.

tl;dr - Mapping COA and Tracking Categories for Supplier

(1) Ensure that the required account and tracking categories are set up in Xero, and the integration between OrderEZ and Xero has been set up

(2) Bulk update the account and tracking categories mapping for products and Outlets in the Xero integration page
(3) The updated mapping will override the default sales account selected in the Account Info tab

(4) If account/tracking categories is manually mapped on both the Outlet and product levels, the mapping done in the Outlet page will take precedence.

Setting Up

Navigate to the Xero integration page by clicking on the top right corner, then select "Supplier Setting". Click on the Integrations tab and choose Xero.

Click on the Product tab and select the checkbox of the products you want to update. Then click on the Update Product at the bottom right corner. Do make sure that the account/tracking categories have already been set up in Xero before this step.

Similarly, for Outlets, select the checkbox next to the Outlet, then click on "Update Outlet" to bulk update the account mapping or tracking category of the Outlet.

How does it look in Xero?

If no additional mapping of accounts/tracking categories is set up, the default account selected in the Account Info tab will be used when the draft invoice flows from OrderEZ to Xero.

Where additional mapping of accounts/tracking categories is set up on both Product and Outlet levels, the one set on the Outlet level will take precedence.

Where additional mapping of accounts/tracking categories is set up on either Product or Outlet level, it will override the default setting. This will give you the flexibility to accurately capture the sales account/tracking categories of products, especially if you offer products of different product lines.

You can set the account/tracking categories back to the default settings with the same steps above.

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