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Receiving & Completing an Order
Receiving & Completing an Order

It's time to get the products across the finish line and into your kitchen or bar.

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The supplier has accepted your order and scheduled it for your specified delivery date. The order comes in, and hooray! all is well. We'll go ahead and check "Yes" on the prompt asking us if the delivery invoice matches the OrderEZ order. The order is complete.

However, if there is a discrepancy such as a different quantity delivered, different pricing, or additional/missing products - we'll want to hit "No" to mark the order as "Action Needed". This will let someone know that we need to update the OrderEZ order to match the final delivery invoice.

Pro-tip: The quickest way to compare the delivery invoice to the OrderEZ order is by comparing the order totals between the two, and seeing if they match.

Follow our Action Needed Guide for the A to Z on how to get those specific orders past the finish line.

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